• Статья: "Recent developments in lightening test standards for aircraft and avionics"

    There is a general movement towards synchronisation of the many diverse standards applicable to avionics and aircraft testing in both the civilian and military fields. Foremost of these and widely accepted as an ‘international’ standard is the new edition of RTCA/DO160D. The latest additions are embodied in change No. 3 from December 2002. This paper provides an overview of the new standard focusing on the Lightening Test part and differentiates between special requirements, outlining the impact on test equipment and test load and the authors experience in carrying out these tests.

  • Статья: "Impulse testing equipment for military applications"

    MIL 461 is arguably one of the most widely used test standards for military electronics suppliers, due largely to the fact that it covers inter-service operability issues. This standard draws on the NATO (Stanag) and civilian (ANSI/IEEE) experiences. In line with other international standards, the test event is now specified at the point of connection to an EUT which includes all coupling elements in the system calibration. This has the immediate effect of precluding test equipment that was designed for previous MIL461 standards. This paper will differentiate between the current and previous editions of MIL 461, describing changes to the test requirements both in terms of equipment requirements and calibration procedures.

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